The World is Watching. Whether your show is in the backyard, at the lake, or in the street, once you light that fuse, the whole world is your audience. Make it bigger, brighter and bolder with Showtime Fireworks—the only fireworks featuring the “Showtime, Everytime” promise.

Roman Candles

Now let’s get one thing straight. Roman candles shoot flaming balls. Flaming. That means “fire” to you and me. So seriously, follow the directions and shoot them while they’re planted securely in the ground. You know what we’re talking about. Leave the creativity to the music selection.

  1. 10 Ball China Roman Candle 10 Ball China Roman Candle $2.50
  2. 10 Ball Exploding Roman Candle 10 Ball Exploding Roman Candle $3.95
  3. 10 Ball Magical Shots 10 Ball Magical Shots $2.95
  4. 10 Crackling Candle 10 Crackling Candle $4.95
  5. 5-Ball China Roman Candle 5-Ball China Roman Candle $2.50
  6. 8 Ball Blue Thunder 8 Ball Blue Thunder $7.95
  7. 8 Ball China Roman Candle 8 Ball China Roman Candle $3.00
  8. BC Handful BC Handful $7.95
  9. Black Cat Gatlin Guns Black Cat Gatlin Guns $25.00
  10. Black Cat Magnum Repeater Black Cat Magnum Repeater $14.95
  11. Chirping Oriole Chirping Oriole $7.50
  12. Cyber Cannon Cyber Cannon $13.95
  13. Hang Ten Hang Ten $21.95
  14. Packin Pyro Packin Pyro $11.95