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Ante Up

Ante up and go all in with this great fountain! Red, green w/snow pine; green star w/crackling; red & green w/white chrysanthemum; titanium silver chrysanthemum; red star w/white fir flower; red star w/titanium crackling.

Hearts of Fire

This fountain will make your 4th of July a romantic one! 500 grams of intense crackling flowers in yellow, green, purple, white, blue and red. Your heart will be burning with joy after this dazzling fountain!

Solar Storm

It's a whole new combination of effects. Stars with gold shimmering spiders with green stars changing into white flittering burst with lemon stars. The gold shimmering spiders with blue stars changing into white fluttering burst! Then a spectacular finale of molten multi-colored stars that look like lava!!


This exciting fountain has angels darting everywhere! First red, then blue, then green, then yellow; Followed by green with silver brocades showers; Ending with crackling flowers.

Grand Illusions

You will see it and not believe it! Crackle with green and purple stars. Golden flowers with red stars. Crackle with blue stars. Golden flower with green stars. Silver flashing stars with yellow stars. Silver crackle with blue stars. Silver flash with green and purple stars. Silver crackle with blue and yellow stars. Silver chrysanthemum with purple stars. Yellow and blue stars with pop crackle. Silver chrysanthemum with red stars. Green and purple stars with pop crackle. Yellow flower with blue stars. Red and green stars with silver crackle. Yellow flower with green and purple stars. Silver crackle with yellow and blue stars. 3 stage whistle. Red, green and blue stars with crackle. And a huge finale of yellow stars with silver crackle Watch out for the whistles at the end!

Quiet Riot

Silent but deadly! Golden showers with red and blue stars. Changing to silver crackling with red and blue then silver flashing showers. Then a barrage of crackling stars changing to yellow showers. Watch out!

Seventh Heaven

This fountain has so many effects it's like a small dose of heaven. Not to mention it's 500 grams! Set back and relax as this fountain last over 3 minutes!

Mystic Rain

500 GRAM FOUNTAIN!! Yes you heard right! 500 grams of firepower in a fountain. This red white and blue extravaganza starts with titanium flowers with blue stars, changing to silver chrysanthemums with red stars; Then blue stars with silver pine plus red stars that change to blue stars with titanium flowers with red and blue stars!!

Perfect Storm

Don't under estimate this fountain because it will sneak up and blow you away. The perfect balance of color, crackles and flowers make this fountain the Perfect Storm!

Flight of Fancy

This is a flight of fancy, a flight of multicolored showers and pearls, silver glitter, crackling, pine needles, golden flowers.

Sparkly Night

Brighten your night with this sparkly fountain. Starts with a red flare then changes to green and blue stars with sunflowers and silver fountain; Green and red stars with gold crackling; Red stars with white chrysanthemum and silver fountain; Ending with red stars and titanium crackling.


Follow your dreams! Blue and gold showers with silver crackle and red fish with silver spring; Red and white crackling with green fish and white fir flower; Red and white crackling with red fish, green fish and silver crackling chrysanthemum; Green and silver brocade showers with red fish, green fish, blue fish and gold dragon; Red fish, green fish, blue fish, yellow fish with brocade showers.

Barrel of Fun

It's not a bucket of fun it's a Barrel of Fun! Whistles and crackle with blue stars. Red torch. Silver flowers with yellow and red stars. This fountain will knock you out of your seat!

Far Out

This fountain is so cool that it cannot be compared to anything on this planet. Red & green star with white chrysanthemum; orange star and blue star with white fir flower; green and blue star laser; blue star and dragon star.

For Real?

Yes-we are for real with this fountain! Red fish, silver fish, blue fish, silver chrysanthemum; red fish, blue fish & silver crackling; red & blue star w/titanium crackle.


This fun fountain is picture worthy without a doubt! Titanium chrysanthemum w/orange & blue; gold crackling flower w/lemon & purple; white fir flower w/red & yellow; silver crackling flower w/green, blue & purple; glitter w/red, green and yellow flashing strobe.

Electric Rainbow

This fountain could be your firework's "Pot of Gold". Electric Rainbow has every color formation in the entire rainbow and could lead you to the lucky treasure!!

Thunder Snow

One of our top selling fountains! This angled fountain will dazzle your eyes with its unique snow blizzard effect. Prepare for a white out!!

Man in the Moon

This moon shaped fountain has the most vivid colors ever seen in a fountain. White pine, Ti blue, red, green, yellow, gold coco!

Nuclear Physics

A fallout of gold flowers, silver chrysanthemums, and red and green pearls, then silver showers and crackling.


This little fountain brings out the love! White glitter showers with red; Red and green with loud silver crackling; Loud silver crackling with blue stars; Silver rain glitter; AND at the end a Glowing Heart!

Sweet Dreams

It definitely won't put you to sleep but you'll dream about it. Red, green and blue color fish; snow flower red and chrysanthemum to green; red, green, blue color fish; silver fountain and titanium crackling with amazing whistles.

Party Cup

Get the party started and party all night with this great fountain. Silver titanium flower w/red, lemon/laser orange w/blue; white chrysanthemum w/green/titanium crackling w/red and green; titanium chrysanthemum w/orange and lemon; silver crackling flower w/red and green.

Stars Over America

Long lasting fountain with ever changing effects. This star shaped fountain has it all: brilliant red, white and blue stars, whistles and crackling stars

Havana Heat

The Longest lasting fountain in the entire fireworks industry! This fountain lasts just under 4 minutes and does everything in the phonebook. Havana Heat is truly the HOTTEST fountain on the market!!

Just Another Stinking Fountain JASF

Just Another Stinkin Fountain! This fountain comes with a variety of star effects in all sorts of colors. If you are looking for lots of color then this is your fountain!

Lava Lamp

A totally different effect! The showers include big, vibrant red, green, blue, and yellow lava droplets that create a very colorful and different fountain effect.

Snow Cone

Shoots showers of icy hot shimmering silver crystals.

Bees Knees

The bee's knees and no stinger. Silver crackling with blue stars and silver flowers, lemon and purple stars. Then,silver crackling with red and green stars and a shower of gold followed by gold crackling with green and blue stars.

Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey shoots multi-colored stars of yellow, red, white, purple, peach and white glitter; Followed by blue, red and green crackling flowers. But when this monkey gets Really Mad even his eyes and mouth glow!

Duck Eliminator

Call 'em in and take them out! Gold showers with green and copper stars. Gold and silver flashing showers with red. Then gold showers with purple stars changing to silver flashing. Ending in a finale of gold and LOUD silver crackling.

Mama's Favorite

Take it easy with this fabulous fountain. Silver showers with red and copper stars switching to gold showers with purple and silver. Changing to silver showers with green and red stars adding crackling purple and yellow stars. Long-lasting!

Magic Mountain

Long lasting gold crackling fountain with red, green and gold stars accompanied by wild whistles!

Sun Tears

The kids will love this fountain. Silver showers with yellow and red stars. Blue stars with silver crackle. Silver showers with green and purple stars. Yellow stars with silver crackling. Gold flowers with red and green stars. Green and purple torch. Silver showers with red, green, yellow and blue stars. Giant crackles. Crackling balls are interspersed to add to the action and fun!

California Dreamin

Starts with a barrage of crackling red, green and silver stars changing to gold and green flashing stars. Switching to silver strobing stars. Repeating several times.

4-Inch Shell Fountain

Silver flittering fountain with red stars changing to Ti crackle with purple pears.

Hollywood Nights

Shoot what the stars shoot! You will think you're on Rodeo Drive after shooting this flashy fountain. Long lasting ever changing colors of red, lavender, green and gold.

Magic Horseshoe

Long lasting gold crackling fountain with red, green and gold stars accompanied by wild whistles!

Pacific Paradise

Really long lasting silver glittering fountain with silver flashing stars!

Painted Desert

This fountain lasts forever and looks like a mirage. Starts with a golden fountain with copper flashing stars with orange and pink balls. Changing to flashing stars with green and copper.

Showtime Fountain

It's Showtime!! Silver showers adding red, green, and purple balls. Whistle. Then gold and silver flashing fountain adding red stars. Whistle. Gold showers with purple and green balls. Ending in a barrage of crackling stars!

Malibu Madness

Surfs Up!! This fountain has loud whistles followed by golden showers with silver stars that make you feel like your riding a wave!

Pirate Sword

Shoots gold showers then adding crackle with red and green stars.

California Sunrise

There is nothing as beautiful as a California Sunrise. Golden Spray with red stars changing to gold spray with red and green stars, changing once again to gold spray with purple and green stars. Strobing stars with loud whistles ending with a barrage of crackling stars.

Call of the Wild

Wild whistles and silver fountain erupting into "HUGE" crackling stars!


Starts with gold and copper showers changing to flashing silver, green, red and purple. Then it repeats several times.

Sirius Blast

The name says it all! Silver crackles with silver and blue stars. Red, green, and blue stars with a big silver crackling finale combined with a whistling pinwheel that spins on the side!

Large Plum Flower

Just plum fun! A glittering silver shower, which changes from red to green!


This may be little but it's mighty good! Red and green star with titanium crackle; Gold fountain with blue star, lemon star and spun gold crackling; Purple fountain with purple star, blue star and silver crackling.

2 Cool

What happens when your cooler than cool? 2 COOL That's right! This fountain is 2 cool for school! Flashing silver and gold showers changing to gold showers and purple pearls then to flashing silver and red showers. Ending in a loud barrage of silver and gold crackling stars interspersed with red, green and purple.

Around the World

This is a 9” fountain with an exterior fuse wrapped around the base. It has blue stars. Red Torch. Blue stars with big crackling silver stars. Meanwhile it has silver stars changing to four loud whistles. When functioning the sparks shoot out while moving around the base while the fountain is still functioning above. The sparks going around finally get to a really loud finale whistle.

Cosmic Hail

Duck and Cover it's getting ready to "HAIL" 3 different effects! All gold; Gold and silver showers; Gold and silver crackling showers.

Hot Pots

This fountain is sizzling with excitement and proves that size doesn't matter!

Pick Six

The best part about this six pack is that every bottle has a different effect. Pick up a six pack of fountain fun!

Funky Fountain

An excellent novelty fountain. Multi-colored fountain with four crackling balls that drop off and crackle while the fountain is shooting.

Happy Festival

Join the festivities! Shoots blue stars that change to green stars among shimmering golden showers, changing again to crackling stars. Not too much noise, but one fun festival!

HN 90

Quiet, glowing golden showers each tipped in neon colors of blue, green, peach, and gold. Try the pack for all varieties of colors!

Killer Bee

Let the killer come out in you with this fun fountain! Changes from green to gold with crackling stars, then changes again to red and green while the bees are whistling! One killer fountain!

No 4 Golden Dragon Cone Fountain

Large fountain with showers of gold spray with silver flashing stars that shoot 6 - 8 ft.


Gold Showers with purple pearls changing to gold and silver showers

HN 60

An assortment of fountains: "Butterfly and Flowers:" A shimmering copper-colored fountain with crackling gold stars. "Jade Flowers:" A shimmering gold fountain with green balls and crackling gold stars.

No 3 Golden Diamond Fountain

Gold showers with silver and gold stars that shoot 6 - 7 feet.

Open Flower Happy Bird

This one's for the birds! If you like whistles and crackling stars then this silver, gold and red fountain is for you!

Spring Peach

What a peach! Whistling silver showers that change to a copper fountain with red and green color-changing stars. The silver flashing stars changing to finale combination of Red, Green and Silver stars.

Cuckoo Fountain

If you're a bit nutty, you might be cuckoo for this fountain! Whistles twice while changing colors from red to green and ending with silver crackling stars. You'll go cuckoo for this fountain!

Nutty Monkey

Watch out this monkey is NUTS!! He shoots out gold crackling stars while screaming at the top of his lungs. Keep an eye out for the showers of red, green, and purple stars that change to silver flashing stars!!

5-Inch Assorted Fountains

"Sword Orchid:" A gold fountain with orchid stars; "Golden Orange:" A gold fountain with orange stars; and "Sparkling:" A gold flickering fountain.

Small Plum Flower

Just plum fun! A glittering silver shower, which changes from red to green!

#4 Conic

Emits showers of green, gold, and silver stars up to 8 feet!

Mini Cuckoo

If you're not ready for a padded room, go just a little crazy with the mini cuckoo. It whistles two times while changing colors from red to green with silver crackling stars!

Silvery Water Fountain

A waterfall that sparkles in four different directions. What fun!

Poco Diablos

These little devils are full of excitement! Multi colored showers with colored balls. Lots of fun in a little box. Now you can say, "THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT"!!


Who says you can't buy happiness? Emits a small gold fountain with a crackling ball!

Screamin Willy

Boy can Willy ‘scream”! Small silver ‘screamin” fountain

Golden Flower

Go for the gold - flittering showers of gold! These are winners for sure!

Tri-Color Fountain

This fountain showers red, green, and silver balls 3 to 4 feet high, at the same time!

#3 Medium Conic

Emits gold showers with three to four foot multi-colored stars!

Smokeless Celebration Fountain

Light up your party and really add some WOW! This smokeless celebration candle is perfect for birthdays, weddings and all special occasions. Emits a smokeless shower of sparks.