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Rock the Sky

24 shots of Badness that are too good to be true! Time rain mine to color dahlia with white glitter; ending with color dahlia and silver chrysanthemum. 24 shots.

Wildly Wicked

Loud and Crackling! These fierce bursts really push the limits! Gigantic fresh red coconut bursts with white and green glitter; Spectacular gold chrysanthemum mines to gigantic bursts of gold chrysanthemums; Gigantic bursts of fresh red and sky blue dahlia. 25 Shots

Dirty Dancing in the Sky

You won't want to miss this. Huge, huge LOUD alternating bursts of red and grass green to white glitter; sky blue and grass green to white glitter and huge bursts of colored dahlia to white glitter. 7 Shots

It's a Hoot

This one's loaded with spectacular colors! Red tail to huge bursts of red, green and yellow with white glitter alternating with green tail to huge bursts of red, green and yellow with silver chrysanthemum. What can I say? It's a Hoot! 10 Shots

Moon Chaser

10 Huge shots burst into the stratosphere. Red and green palms with white glitter alternating with purple palms with white glitter. The last three moon chasers are red, green and blue palms with silver chrysanthemum.

Space Monkeys

High in the stratosphere these monkeys start spitting whistling tails with blue and silver chrysanthemums; then blue tails emit yellow, purple & green glitter. Followed by crackling tail to yellow, purple, sea blue and silver chrysanthemums. Finishing with a big time rain willow and green glitter then silver whistle tails with spit red glitter and silver chrysanthemums. 18 Shots

Whack Job

Bill Nye the Pyro Guy went a little whacky with this mega multi-shot. Huge, huge alternating bursts of brocades and silver chrysanthemums with crackling flowers. 7 Shots

Dirty Dozen

These canister shells are bigger than ever! 12 Assorted canister shells explode into huge, LOUD colorful bursts! 12 Shells

Lock and Load

You have to see the size of these bursts to believe them! They are GIGANTIC! This is the ultimate combination of 24 totally different canisters and effects on the market!

Time Bandit Torpedos

You know the Hillstrands have caught their limit when you start to feel vibrations in your chest from the biggest canisters in the industry! 32 Explosive reloadable shells with no 2 shells alike. These shells are barely legal and not recommended for amateurs.

Hang Ten

Catch the big wave with this 5 shot roman candle kit. Comes with 10 high powered roman candles with 10 different effects

Lava Lamp

A totally different effect! The showers include big, vibrant red, green, blue, and yellow lava droplets that create a very colorful and different fountain effect.

Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey shoots multi-colored stars of yellow, red, white, purple, peach and white glitter; Followed by blue, red and green crackling flowers. But when this monkey gets Really Mad even his eyes and mouth glow!


These spin on the ground...then zzzing into the sky at warp speed!!

Cyber Cannon

Brightly colored stars, loud whistles with sparkling crackle and reports. 143 shots.


It's all about color. Gigantic bursts of sky blue with white glitter, orange and purple with green glitter, red stars and white glitter, orange and purple with white glitter and spectacular gold brocade with green glitter. 24 shot count.

Loud And Rowdy

Boring people move on! 9 Gigantic bursts of red and green glitter, silver crackling, and spectacular blues! The package may look smaller, but the power behind these bursts is not! These are not just Loud, they're Rowdy! 9 shot count.


These gigantic bursts pound the sky one right after theother with blue star mines to white glitter and fresh red dahlias. Erupting into a volley of gigantic bursts that fill the sky! 30 Shots.

Hot n Spicy

Twice the spice and ohh so nice! Alternating brocade to purple star, brocade to orange star and brocade to blue star. 9 shots.

Dirty Deeds

These colorful bursts get down and dirty! Red tail to pink, lemon yellow and white glitter; green tail to pink, orange, yellow and white glitter; blue tail to pink and silver chrysanthemum. 25 shots.

Perfect Temptation

Give in to temptation and enjoy these gorgeous bursts! Alternating pink, light blue and white strobe; pink and white strobe; pink, light green and white strobe. 12 shots.

Sweet Dreams

It definitely won't put you to sleep but you'll dream about it. Red, green and blue color fish; snow flower red and chrysanthemum to green; red, green, blue color fish; silver fountain and titanium crackling with amazing whistles.

Party Cup

Get the party started and party all night with this great fountain. Silver titanium flower w/red, lemon/laser orange w/blue; white chrysanthemum w/green/titanium crackling w/red and green; titanium chrysanthemum w/orange and lemon; silver crackling flower w/red and green.


This fun fountain is picture worthy without a doubt! Titanium chrysanthemum w/orange & blue; gold crackling flower w/lemon & purple; white fir flower w/red & yellow; silver crackling flower w/green, blue & purple; glitter w/red, green and yellow flashing strobe.