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Air Assault

This air assault operation has 25 shots of "free falling" parachutes! Each shot has 5 parachutes that crackle and strobe as they "chute" to the ground. Nighttime. 25 Shots.

Parachutes Over America

10 Gigantic parachutes descend with red swirling centers with crackling and flashing stars. Night time use!

Afternoon Delight

Six bursts filled with dozens of multi-colored parachutes. For day-time use!!

Screamin Eagles

A jumbo red, white and blue parachute that drifts to the ground as it crackles or smokes with a moveable army man attached. The kids will love this hot item!

40-Inch Jumbo Parachutes

One of the largest parachutes! Opens to display patriotic colors of red, white, and blue! For day use.

7 Lanterns Parachute

Colored parachute shoots skyward then floats down with seven brilliantly colored flares! For night use.

Flag Parachute

Shoots skyward opening into a parachute which floats downward displaying three different country flags! For day use.

Double Day Parachute

Shoots two retrievable parachutes skyward it's double-the-fun! For day use.

Double Night Parachute

Shoots two parachutes skyward with attached flares. For night use.

Single Day Parachute

Shoots one colorful retrievable parachute! For day use.

Single Night Parachute

Shoots skyward and emits parachute with attached flare! For night use.


These single shot parachutes are assorted in the box and will have either smoke or crackle. But all will have long confetti streamers!